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Chef Li Shuangqi Appointed Worldchefs Ambassador Mentor

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China, 30th June 2016

Chef Li Shuangqi was appointed Young Chefs Ambassador Mentor by World Association of Chefs Societies a few days ago. Chef Li Shuangqi is World Association of Chefs Societies endorsed judge, senior technician of western cuisine, senior technician of Chinese cuisine and a public nutritionist. He also acts as the professor of International Technical Exchanges Center and the national-level judge and member of China Cuisine Association.

He won the First-rate prize of Russia Cuisine Competition in 2006 and the Gold medal of the 2013 American Cooking Competition in China. In 2014 , Mr. Li was awarded the First-rate prize of the Shanghai Young Teachers Teaching Competition. Besides, Li Shuangqi is the chief editor for such books as Basic Western Food& Kitchen: National Projecting Teaching Materials, Western Cooking Technician Tutorial Series: Teaching Materials for National Vocational Qualifications Training and Catering Operation and Service Quality Management.

He has been appointed supervisor of many cooperation projects between colleges and enterprises. It is safe to say, Li Shuangqi is one of the best young teachers of culinary vocational education.


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