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Dilmah Tea and Moods

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Sri Lanka, 25th October 2016

A model for moods was defined by the Swiss Centre for Affective Sciences. They specified six moods: Happiness and well-being, Awe and sensuality, Disgust and irritation, Soothing and peacefulness, Energising and cooling, and Sensory pleasure. Taking cues from this model, along with how aromatherapists use certain aromas linked to pleasant experiences to trigger positive feelings, the Dilmah Tea Mood Chart attempts to link various teas and flavours found in tea with various moods.


Here’s your guide to tea for every mood:



Pure Peppermint

Peppermint has a long history as a medicinal plant – evidence of its use goes back over thousands of years. Amongst one of the world’s first medicines, the pleasant aroma of peppermint stimulates our senses and invigorates the body. It energises us.  Additionally, peppermint is used to treat headaches.

Secondary benefit: Pain relieving



Pure Chamomile

This tisane (floral infusion), with soothing flower and apple aromas, relaxes the body and is the ideal nightcap.  Chamomile is a traditional herbal remedy that has been used since ancient times.  Chamomile as a sleep aid for humans is being researched. Animal studies have already demonstrated Chamomile’s potency as a sleep aid.

Secondary benefit: Calming



Blood Orange & Eucalyptus

Orange is known for alleviating anxiety, boosting immunity as well as for its ability to bring about a happy mood. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory eucalyptus is effective as a healing agent. Blood orange and eucalyptus promotes vitality.

Secondary benefit: Mental alertness and boosts immunity



Lime and Orange

Citrus aromas are well known for its ability to stimulate and inspire. Combined, lime and orange not only foster a cheerful disposition, they also enhance the focus of all thoughts.  Science has shown citrus aromas such as clementine, lime and orange to positively improve one’s mood.

Secondary benefit: Positive thoughts and immune stimulant



Rose with French Vanilla

Scientists researching chemical senses have found the vanilla bean to bring about positive moods and a sense of calmness.  Rose aromas, however, improve memory. Together, Rose and French Vanilla tea starves off stress and leaves you happy with a relaxed state of mind and body.

Secondary benefit: Memory reinforcement



Ginger, Honey and Mint

Ginger is among the healthiest (and most delicious) spices on the planet. Its benefits include reducing muscle soreness, reducing discomfort and indigestion, and treating nausea. Together with Mint, (for upset stomachs and sore throats) and Honey (treating allergies, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant), Ginger, Honey and Mint tea starves off stress and calms jitters.

Secondary benefit: Relaxation of muscles



Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine is commonly used in Aromatherapy to calm nerves, and to produce a feeling of optimism, revitalized energy and confidence. The Journal of Biological Chemistry recently reported that the smell of jasmine is as calming as valium.  Jasmine, deep, relaxing and sensual, combined with green tea (refreshing flavours of hay and grass), is simply revitalizing.

Secondary benefit: Calming



Brilliant Breakfast

Unsure about how you are feeling about something? There’s a tea that’s different and special, and suitable when you find yourself in the mood to sit and think.  This intense, pungent tea with a diverse flavour profile urges you to challenge yourself – and you will emerge with a solution on hand.

Secondary benefit: Stimulates







Relaxing is about no effort. The perfect tea to relax is one that delivers without fuss, crisp, grassy flavours and an uplifting taste. This is Sencha, made from steamed leaves. Its smooth, herbal finish with a touch of sweetness, is like lifting the weight off your shoulders.

Secondary benefit: Clarity of thought



Ceylon Silver Tips

You are excited. Sip a tea that is not going to distract you from your anticipation. Silver Tips is pure, delicate yet refreshing, and perfect for you to ponder what’s on the horizon. You can indulge in deep thoughts!

Secondary benefit: Clarity of thought




Feeling creative? Put the thinking cap on- choose a drink that boosts those creative juices. Drink some Darjeeling tea with floral and muscatel notes. At once, you know it’s going to help get the creative juices flowing.

Secondary benefit: Refreshing effect



Earl Grey

There is no tea as singular as Earl Grey. It’s at once, fresh, rich, malty, complex, full bodied, aromatic, astringent and well balanced. This highly individualistic tea is for when you want to get audacious, intrepid and adventuresome!

Secondary benefit: Boosts confidence

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