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India, 30th October 2018

Dilmah Changes Lives in Rural Sri Lanka:
MJF Charitable Foundation – East Centre

On 1st September 2018, Dilmah inaugurated the MJF Centre East, the most ambitious combined humanitarian and environmental project that Dilmah has ever undertaken. Amongst the projects that the MJF Foundation, and its environmental equivalent – Dilmah Conservation – have implemented, this has very special resonance and that is rooted not in the cost of the facility – even though the investment of Rs. 1.3 billion by a family owned tea business in a purely charitable initiative has its own resonance. Its significance is linked rather with the philosophy that led to the establishment of the center and its purpose.

A replication of several communities development initiatives under the MJF Charitable Foundation such as the Empower Culinary & Hospitality School has also been initiated. 

The Empower Culinary & Hospitality School is a premier culinary and hospitality training facility, endorsed by the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS) as a center of excellence for professional training, the school creates new avenues for marginalized youth with empowerment through education in the gastronomy and hospitality industry of Sri Lanka. The school uses an intensive training method with visiting international and local culinary professionals who provide students with a global perspective and comprehensive knowledge of cuisine and hospitality.

The Ethical Tea Society established in recognition of the importance of sharing the deep sense of fulfillment that is an indirect benefit of the process of changing lives gives professionals the opportunity to share their skills and empower others.

Find out how your culinary skills and knowledge can empower the students at our Empower Culinary & Hospitality School, through our Ethical Tea Society.


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