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Day 2 of the Asia Presidents Forum – Young Chefs Cook Up a Storm

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China, 08th September 2015
The young chefs had a great exchange with the local young chefs in Huaxi on Day 2 of the Asia Presidents Forum. 
Young chefs from different nationalities were paired up and visited the local market, where they had to purchase ingredients within a set budget for a 'one wok dish'. These dishes were then presented to the panel of judges, including Dr Rick Stephen and Vice president Bian of CCA.
According to Alan Orreal from the Young Chefs Development committee,” The teams had so much fun and good bonding. We created chaos and everyone loved it; the stall owners wanted to take photos with the young chefs and followed them everywhere!” 
Says Jasper Jek, Young Chef Ambassador, “It is a good cross-cultural event, and in just one morning, we learnt a lot about the local produce and ingredients as well.” 

Young Chefs Cook Up a Storm


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