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Culinary Olympics #IKA2016 winners highlight

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Germany, 30th October 2016

Source IKA website

25.000 visitors turned the IKA/Culinary Olympics into the gastronomic highlight of 2016. Singapore won the battle of chefs in the national competition.

We were bigger and better than ever before“, Andreas Becker, President of the German Chefs Association, sums up the IKA/Culinary Olympics experience 2016. About 25.000 visitors came to see the spectacle at the Messe Erfurt in Germany. From the 22.-25.10.2016 the venue in Erfurt turned into the biggest Restaurant of the world.

A mecca for chefs, industry partners, gourmets and hobby chefs. For four days they could actually witness the top elite of the world wide chefs network do their best to satisfy the palettes of judges and guests alike.

„The new category for the Junior national team, the edible buffet, was especially successful“, Becker explains the newest trend of the IKA. For the very first time in 116 years the Junior National Teams didn’t prepare a cold plate presentation, but prepared an edible buffet, that could be tasted and enjoyed by judges and guests alike. „That is definitely way the IKA is headed to. We want to be more sustainable with our ressources and give our guests a special highlight to look forward to”.

In 18 glass kitchens more than 2000 chefs from 59 nations prepared over 7000 fresh meals. But of course there can only be one winner and Singapore took the trophy for best national team before Finland, who won silver and Switzerland, who won gold. Germany reached the 7th place.

In the other categories placements are as follows:


Junior National Teams

1. Place: Gold for Sweden

2. Place: Silver for Switzerland

3. Place: Bronze for Norway


Community Catering

1. Place: Gold for Finland

2. Place: Silver for Sweden

3. Place: Bronze for Denmark


Regional Teams

1. Place: Gold for Stockholm Culinary Team

2. Place: Silver for Skåne Kulinar

3. Place: Bronze for Amber Alliance


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