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South Africa, 15th June 2017

Johannesburg, South Africa, JUNE 2017: An Electrolux and Worldchefs Arts & Science seminar, focused on Food Cost and Waste Management, took place at the end of May at the HTA School of Culinary Art. The successful event was supported by the President of the South African Chefs Association, Stephen Billingham.  

With this instalment of the popular Chef2Chef series, Electrolux and Worldchefs covered the relevant and timely subject of food cost, generating a lot of interest in the South African chefs community. Topics for discussion included how technology can support running and managing different types of kitchens profitably, helping chefs improve food cost and better manage waste. 

Participants learned about implementing sustainable practices in the kitchen while maintaining high standards, and during the course experienced first-hand how the innovative solutions from Electrolux Professional could improve their daily activities.

Congratulations to the organizers for a productive and forward-thinking event.

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About Arts & Science Seminars

Electrolux Professional and WORLDCHEFS are pleased to work together to host Chef2Chef training seminars across the globe as a part of their “Art & Science Come Together” alliance for 2017. These workshops will educate chefs on implementing sustainable practices in the kitchen while maintaining high standards. The chefs will serve quality food, balancing a mix of Electrolux innovative solutions and the chefs’ creativity.

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