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Chef2Chef Seminar on Food Cost in Dubai is successful

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United Arab Emirates, 13th July 2016

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Electrolux Professional & WorldChefs have welcomed Chefs from United Arab Emirates to yet another Chef2Chef Seminar part of Art&Science Come Together Alliance in ICCA International centre of Culinary Arts in Dubai. Hosted by Andy Cuthbert WorldChefs Che2Chef Ambassador & Chairman of the upcoming WorldChefs Congress in Thessaloniki in September & by Electrolux's Chef Silvano Costantini who selected the topic based on industry's request to learn more on how to better manage food cost.

The workshop was dedicated to mastering the use of cooking technology to lower food cost & control the profitability of catering operations. Participating chefs were actively involved in the Seminar and all agreed that food cost topic is very relevant to the business dynamics that we find ourselves in not only in Dubai but around the world. During the Art&Science Seminar we looked into managing food cost and still produce fantastic food making it easier for chefs using cooking techniques and more importantly cooking equipment that is energy efficient, helps to reduce cost, production time and increase productivity.


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