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Chef Ludovic Chesnay is on tour for Elle & Vire Professionnel

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Indonesia, 18th November 2015

Elle & Vire Professionnel Culinary Adviser Ludovic Chesnay was on tour in Asia where he visited numerous establishments and did several demonstrations. Each time, he prepared delicious recipes made with Elle & Vire Professionnel’s products.

First, he went to Indonesia where he did demonstrations especially with Sublime, Cream with Mascarpone, which is a mix of 70% of Excellence Whipping Cream 35.1% fat with 30% of mascarpone. He visited pastry schools such as Heavenly Sweet and hotels like the Raffles Jakarta Hotel.

Then, he went to Pukhet, Thailand and did some demonstrations in holiday resorts .There, he realized delicious French pastries to which he gave a local twist. For instance, he made choux buns with matcha and Sublime, Cream with Mascarpone.

Finally, he flew to Hanoi, Vietnam and gave demonstrations in hotels and pastry shops. His last stop was at the Saint Honoré Patisserie, where he showed how to prepare a kouig-aman.

Folow more of Ludovic's adventure on Elle&Vire Professionnel International FB page :

Heavenly Sweet :

Raffles Jakarta Hotel :

Fairmont Jakarta hotel :

Saint Honoré Patisserie:


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