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Celebrating the Life of Monk Epiphanios

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Greece, 11th December 2020

PARIS, 11th of December 2020 – Celebrating the Life of Monk Epiphanios

The Mount Athos monk Epiphanius Mylopotaminos was born in Paggaio, Kavala Prefecture in 1956, where he lived until he finished high school. In 1973 he went to Mount Athos. In 1990 he decided to continue his monastic life in the Holy Mountain of Agios Efstathios (Mylopotamos), part of the Holy Monastery of Megisti Lavra, whose history begins in the 10th century.

Monk Epiphanios said, “Cooking is passion.”

We usually cook for ourselves, which is very easy, while for our friends, our beloved, our family in festivals and social events, we are trying to reach perfection. We are searching in cookbooks and magazines, we are surfing the internet, we turn to the contribution of great chefs and we are going back to our roots and traditions.

This is modern gastronomy – rich, totally idealized, ornate, delicious, tempting – which in combination with a good wine defines our civilization and tradition. Cooking can be passion and love. Cooking unites us regardless of nationality, origin, religion, and race.

After many years of together, we are in the very sad and difficult position of saying goodbye to a great teacher and valued member of our Club, Elder Epiphanios the Mylotaminos.

He was sweet, generous, and authentic, and endowed Greek gastronomy with numerous Athorite recipes, spreading the wealth of Greek cuisine and winemaking worldwide.

He has been our mentor, opening us to new horizons through his technical knowledge and passion for cooking, but also life.

In each of our actions, he was present, supporting us, always giving us his valuable advice, inspiring us with his unmatched spirit and unparalleled love of cooking art.

With tears in our eyes, we say goodbye to the chief cook of Mount Athos, our chosen teacher and friend.

May you rest in peace, Old Epiphani!

Special thanks to Christos Gkotsis, Vice-President Chefs Association Northern Greece, for providing this beautiful message of tribute.



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