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Celebrating International Chefs Day and raising awareness of healthy eating among children in Malaysia

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Malaysia, 25th October 2017

October 2017, Malaysia: When asked if they would like to become “Healthy Heroes”, a group of about 100 children raised their hands enthusiastically.

Their excitement was justified as Nestle Malaysia really made them “heroes” for a day by empowering them to eat healthily.

In conjunction with International Chefs Day, Nestle Professional worked with the World Association of Chefs’ Societies and Professional Culinaire Association (PCA) of Malaysia on an educational session designed to raise awareness of healthier eating among children.

The third year of this initiative saw the team organising a fulfilling morning at R.E.A.L. Schools Shah Alam campus, engaging children aged eight to 12.

They learned to be creative with food, and how fruits and vegetables can be fun and nutritious.

Nestle (M) Bhd Nestle Professional business executive officer Yit Woon Lai said 10 million chefs around the world come together to celebrate International Chefs Day every year, and chefs in Malaysia were no exception.

“They engage with their respective local communities to share their love and passion for cooking and good food.

“This year, Nestle Professional is teaming up with PCA once again to bring nutrition, health and wellness to the children of R.E.A.L. Schools to celebrate the occasion, and as part of the Nestle Healthy Kids programme,” said Yit, adding the theme for this year’s programme is “Foods for Healthy Heroes”.

She said Nestle believes in instilling good nutritional habits from a young age.

“Celebrating International Chefs Day with the children is an excellent way to put this into practice and help them find the fun in healthy eating and living,” she said.

The event gathered 40 professional chefs, led by PCA president chef Mohd Kamaruddin Adnin (also known as Chef Bob), to help the children in various activities.

There was a juice stall from which they could choose a variety of fresh fruits to create their own juices, as well as a superhero stall which gave them the opportunity to decorate their fruits and vegetables.

When they completed the activities, the children were awarded superhero badges, and at the end of the session, they were presented with “Healthy Heroes” certificates of participation.

“This year’s Nestle International Chefs Day celebration focuses on encouraging children to be creative with vegetables and fruits.

“This is a great way to help kids discover new foods,” said Bob.

Reprinted from Star Online:


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