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Austrian Chef Association mourn Prasident Hupfl, a loss to the global chef community

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Austria, 05th April 2017


The Austrian Chef Association misses the presence of a great man and chef. Prasident Hupfl had one of our biggest presidencies. It is due to him that the Association is so strong today. In his great, successful career he became the Cook of the Kings. 

There is no understanding. His death leaves a big gap in our circle. He was a respected master of his discipline, eminent president (1978 – 1992) of our association, and Honor Member of Macs (1982). His work in the sense of the cooks is a big one – also of all of us is acknowledged.

In great consternation and in silent sympathy.

On behalf of the Presidium and Board of the Austrian Chef Association,

The Vienna Chefs,

And the entire association.




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