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Are you part of Dilmah s Seven Star Luxury Tea Experience?

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Sri Lanka, 23rd February 2017

Dilmah Seven Star Tea ( is a tea inspired idea hub created exclusively for culinary professionals to revolutionise an ordinary “tea service”. This website is a resource hub with inspiring ideas to offer the discerning guest a Seven Star Luxury Tea service; an unparalleled experience which not only encompasses a traditional cup of tea, but a whole new world of luxurious indulgence through tea gastronomy and tea mixology.

Dilmah has led the revolution for decades in bringing innovation to the global tea industry and redefining tea as we know it. Signature events such as the Dilmah Thé Culinaire, Dilmah Tea Sommelier, Chefs and the Teamaker, Tea in Five Senses, Mixologists and the Teamaker, and the Real High Tea Global Challenge are innovations in tea that seek to educate and inspire hospitality professionals to offer their guests a completely new tea experience. These foster greater interest in quality tea, and greater respect for this healthy, natural and versatile beverage.

Access our tea inspired idea hub for recipes and crafting experiences in tea through the links below:


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