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APCCA, World Chefs Without Borders and Electrolux aid Peruvian town of Huarmey after enduring heavy flooding

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Afghanistan, 23rd June 2017

HUARMEY, Peru, June, 2017: A solidarity luncheon was held in Huarmey earlier this year after the mass flood that took place in Peru this March.

Supported by The Peruvian Association of Chefs, Cooks and Allies (APCCA), World Chefs Without Borders (WCWB), and Electrolux, the lunch – prepared by chef Augustin Buitrón Baca – was provided for 1,000 victims of the flooding. Guests enjoyed their meals in solidarity under the sun as they were welcomed with hugs and comfort by volunteers.

The flood, which took place in March, heavily damaged the rural community – including the destruction of schools, hospitals and local eateries. Prior to the luncheon, WCWB donated food and clothes to the people of Huarmey, as well as collected 18,226 euros for the Peru relief effort.

An Electrolux equipment kit was given to five popular restaurants in the area that had lost their kitchens due to the high water levels in order to help restore what was damaged. The kits included a refrigerator, a four burner cooker, and a microwave.

A special thank you was given to the students of the University of the Americas, Professor Gabriela Zúñiga, Claudio Palacios, Pamela Alonso, Cynthia García, the president of APCCA, Andrés Atapoma, Jhonny Inga Ramírez Francisco and Lino Andia for making this event possible through their support and volunteer work.

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World Chefs Without Borders (WCWB) is a global humanitarian aid initiative by Worldchefs.

Our mission is to support and mobilize our global network of volunteer chefs to undertake initiatives providing education and resources to those in need and afflicted by natural disasters.

Our programs fit into four key focus areas. Through the Emergency Task Force chefs work with local rescue units, mobile kitchens and other local programs.  In the Relief Program, operated with logistical support of Electrolux and AIESEC, chefs assist victims and aid local teams in disaster areas.

The Development Program allows chefs to assist with the establishment of training programs and infrastructure development. Chef Ambassadors coordinate events to grow awareness and/or raise funds for WCWB.

WCWB is part of the Worldchefs Feed the Planet program.

Worldchefs is a non-political professional organization, dedicated to maintaining and improving culinary standards of global cuisines.


Feed the Planet is a Worldchefs initiative in partnership with Electrolux and AIESEC. 
By leveraging our core competencies, we seek to develop collaborations, strategies and projects that contribute to securing a sustainable food future.

Our goal is to inspire better food consumption and cooking habits 
among consumers and professionals, maximizing sustainable choices and health while contributing to a reduction of negative impacts.

We are also working towards support people in need – in putting better food on the table, providing advice on cooking on a tight budget, offering workplace education and through emergency relief efforts.



The World Association of Chefs' Societies (Worldchefs) is a non-political professional organization, dedicated to maintaining and improving the culinary standards of global cuisines.

We accomplish these goals through education and professional development of our international membership, through skills-building and competitions, and through sustainability and humanitarian initiatives. As an authority and opinion leader on food, Worldchefs represents a global voice on all issues related to the culinary profession.


Willment Leong, WCWB Chairman 

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KK Yau, WCWB Emergency Task Force Team

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Andrea Petruzella 
PR & Marketing Manager, Worldchefs
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