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Worldchefs Honours Fiji Chefs Association President Reddy

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31st July 2017


JULY, 2017: World Association of Chefs Society’s president Thomas Gugler said Fiji, Guam, Samoa, Vanuatu and Cook Islands were very important to the organisation.

World Association of Chefs Society president Thomas Gugler has honoured Fiji Chefs Association president Davendra Reddy with a Medal of Merit.

“I do this kind of appreciation around the world for the people who are trying their utmost best to support the trade,” Mr Gugler said. “Fiji was never on the map in regards to getting officially recognised for their efforts and what they are doing,” he said.

Mr Gugler, the first president of the society to visit Fiji since its formation in 1928 in France, presented the medal to Mr Reddy at the Rhum-Ba at Port Denarau in Nadi on Sunday. “We are a big organisation and my intention to be in Fiji as to the see the entire Pacific Rim because in the past, call it the last 80 years never ever the president of the World Chef Organisation has visited the region.”

He said countries such as Fiji, Guam, Samoa, Vanuatu and Cook Islands were very important to the organisation. “Even though they are very far off they have to be treated equally and respected. For me it is very great opportunity to see on hand, life on how the people are thinking and to understand the cultures, to see what their needs are. As a world organisation how can we support them in a professional way, in order to get a quiet quick and fast understanding of their needs.”

Mr Reddy, who is also the Training Officer at the National Training Productivity Centre (NTPC), was honoured with the medal.

Mr Reddy said: “This is a moment that I cannot actually describe, that is beyond my thoughts and wishes but I feel the highest I got in the two years of presidency.” He said if local chefs perform better, hopefully, more medals would be coming to Fiji. “Our focus is more into developing training and will start with grassroots on the young chefs training and development system so they come to the level to enter the industry and be accepted,” he said. “There is a lot we have come to and there is more to do.”

Edited by Rusiate Mataika Feedback: [email protected]


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