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75 years with Figgjo

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Norway, 18th October 2016

This year, Norway’s only porcelain factory is celebrating its 75th anniversary in many ways, including the production of a plate designed by award-winning Lars Tornøe and a bowl inspired by a coffee cup from 1954.


There were lots of porcelain factories in Norway in 1941, when Figgjo started as a company. Today, in 2016, we are unique: Figgjo is the only porcelain factory in the Nordic countries that produces everything from A to Z at one location.


Porcelain for the whole world

Local affiliation, traditional craftmanship, modern machinery and a firm focus on innovation have secured us a leading position within Scandinavian design. In our production plant in Figgjo, outside of Stavanger, we work in a spectrum between trends and timelessness, supplying cups and plates to all manner of customers, from the Royal Yacht of Norway to embassies, hotels, restaurants, institutions and canteens in 35 countries. We partner with trendsetting culinary teams, chefs´guilds and food organisations, and are proud that the world's most prominent chefs compete on our porcelain.


We are marking the occasion of our 75th anniversary with three new products: Figgjo Undring, Figgjo Duett and an expansion of the popular Figgjo Boks buffet series:


Lars Tornøe has designed for Figgjo

Lars Tornøe from Stavanger is a designer of products and furniture who has won numerous design awards, and is probably best known for The Dots for Muuto. We invited Lars to create a design for Figgjo and he produced Figgjo Undring, a plate with a hole in it. The hole rises seamlessly up from the plate and the soft transitions are repeated in the matching bowls, which grow upwards like a continuation of the edge of the hole. The plate also works well without the bowls. Then the hole functions on its own as an exciting design feature. The circularity, one large circle and one small, lends an almost iconic quality to Figgjo Undring. 


Classic and contemporary all in one
Figgjo Duett, designed by Erik Lorange Lindberg and Olav Joa, unites the past and the future. We have allowed ourselves to be inspired here by the classic design style that was typical for Figgjo in our early production years. The shape of the lower part is taken from the Figgjo Sissel coffee cup, a best-seller from 1954. The classic contour of the bowl flows elegantly over into the lid, which has a more modernistic design. The asymmetrically curved surface creates a dynamic and sculptural look.

Flexible building block

With its straight edges, Figgjo Boks is perfect for buffet serving. The product range is available in many different sizes and is spacious without taking up too much space. We have now extended the series with an extra large box. It has a length of 53 cm, but light in weight and easy to handle. Figgjo Boks has a clean linear design that makes it easy to combine with other products.


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