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Worldchefs Presidium election is coming up!

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Greece, 26th May 2016

The election of the new Worldchefs Presidium will take place at our upcoming Congress in Thessaloniki Greece September 24-27 2016. Worldchefs’ new Presidium will lead until the next election year of our Congress in 2020.

Our current prospective candidates are the following:

Saudi Arabia:

Thomas A. Gugler – President (Saudi Arabia)

Martin Kobald – Vice President (South Africa)

Cornelia Volino – General Secretary (Canada)

Recommendation for Treasurer: Uwe Micheel (United Arab Emirates)


John Sloane – President (Macau)

Glenn Austin – Vice President (Australia)

Arnold Tanzer – General Secretary (South Africa)

Recommendation for Treasurer: Eric Teo (Singapore)


Miltos Karoubas – President (Greece)

George Damianou – Vice President (Cyprus)

Jaroslaw Uscinski – General Secretary (Poland)

Recommendation for Treasurer: Tahir Amiraslanov (Azerbaijan)

Discover everything about them and their plans on our dedicated Presidium election page.

We’d like to wish them all the luckin the world. All the groups are passionate, dedicated and fantastic individuals!

See you at Worldchefs Congress&Expo 2016 – Don’t get left behind!


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