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Worldchefs Congress 2014: All eyes on Norway

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Norway, 25th June 2014

With less than a week left till the Worldchefs Congress 2014 kick starts in Stavanger, Norway, the excitement within the Worldchefs, Norwegian Chefs Association, its members and Congress participants rapidly grows!

We look forward to meeting Chefs around the world, welcoming eminent speakers and presenters, who will be showcasing their best of the best skills and talents, as well as wholeheartedly sharing their knowledge gained over years of experience. Not only the names like Rick Tramonto (USA), Da Dong, (China) Trsitram Stuart (UK), Julian Cribb (Australia), Bryan Dodge (USA), Dilhan Fernando (Dilmah Tea –Sri Lanka), John Folse (USA), Mark McCarthy (Ireland), Christopher Koetke (USA), Even Ramsvik (Norway), Eric Fleishman (USA), Michael Quinn (UK), will treat us with a very special program they have created for the Worldchefs Congress 2014, but there is also plenty to do&see from dusk till dawn! Not to forget, a diverse program for the Young Chefs on behalf of Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum, where the youngsters will have an opportunity to learn, network and grow further.

What’s more, the Global Chefs Challenge World Finals, featured by 21 culinary professionals from around the globe who got to the top, promises to be a heyday event! Don’t get left behind, bring a piece of your World to the Worldchefs Congress 2014, try tasting some Norway as well, and play your part in raising the bar to unimaginable limits!

See you in Norway! #worldchefs2014


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