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Worldchefs Announces Partnership Agreement with Professional Yachting Association

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France, 22nd July 2016

Worldchefs has recently signed has recently signed an agreement with Professional Yachting Association (PYA) where PYA and WORLDCHEFS will each recognise the other as an Associate Member of their organisations.


PYA and WORLDCHEFS have jointly agreed a recognition reward programme (which includes a programme of training and examinations) that will make it possible for Cooks and Chefs working in the yachting sector to gain the Worldchefs/PYA Professional Culinary Certification Awards qualifications:


  • Worldchefs/PYA Certified Professional Chef / Chef de Partie (Yacht Chef Award Level 1)
  • Worldchefs/PYA Certified Sous Chef (Yacht Chef Award Level 2)
  • Worldchefs/PYA Certified Chef de Cuisine (Yacht Chef Award Level 3)


At each level the training will include the relevant Worldchefs criteria plus yachting-related criteria. The relevant Worldchefs standards are in conformity with the pertinent certification currently offered to land based Chefs and Cooks in the wider hospitality industry and educational institutes across the world.


The details and criteria of entry and evidence required for each level are available from the PYA with application form and fees.

However in brief the candidate will be asked to meet the Entry Requirements at each level and provide evidence of Technical Expertise, Professional Development and Professional Reputation. Training will be available if needed, and an assessment procedure will be required as part of the application process.

Build your CV and profile with a Worldchefs recognised certification – it is an easy process to apply, based on menu planning, guest’s profiles (cultural and dietary needs), recipes, recruitment, management, budgets… etc (as an example). The evidence will be required in the form of photos, references, recognised Food Safety qualifications, testimonials and yacht service.



Says Charles Carroll, Worldchefs President, “ Worldchefs is delighted to join forces with PYA and help to promote opportunities for Chefs and Cooks working in the yachting sector who seek international recognition for their professional skills, education and training.”


John Clancy – Education Director – Worldchefs shares, “This partnership will also contribute to the goal of both partners in raising and maintaining the highest culinary standards and training throughout the global yachting industry.’


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