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Worldchefs announces Extended Partnership with Electrolux Professional

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Italy, 09th March 2017

March 2017 – Electrolux Professional has announced the renewal of its partnership with Worldchefs, extending the number of countries that will benefit from a global programme of activity throughout 2017.

The “Art & Science Come Together” partnership aims to combine the culinary creativity of professional chefs with the specialized knowledge and technology within the leading manufacturer’s commercial cooking solutions – helping kitchens across the globe to develop more streamlined and sustainable cooking processes.

As part of the agreement, Electrolux Professional will be holding a series of chef2chef seminars at its worldwide Centers of Excellence in the UAE-Dubai, Turkey, Sweden, Singapore, the US, South Africa and Japan. Focused around the manufacturer’s unique Cook&Chill solution, these seminars will demonstrate how chefs can use the integrated system to reduce waste, ensure food safety and optimize working processes to reduce stress within the kitchen environment.

This follows Electrolux Professional’s most recent Taste the Stress campaign, a thought-provoking piece of research suggesting that whilst stress in a professional kitchen is a norm, customers are increasingly willing to buy from a partner that is committed to ecological, economical and social sustainability to make their work-lives easier and more profitable. A social experiment conducted by Electrolux Professional demonstrated that great food can be created through a leaner, healthier and more sustainable and more profitable work-life in the kitchen, with new technologies able to help streamline kitchen processes, reduce stress, and create more sustainable environments and businesses.

In addition to its chef2chef expert seminars, Electrolux Professional will also be holding a programme of local collaborations and networking sessions throughout China, Australia, Belgium and the Balkans – with a view to further widening the partnership’s activity in 2018.

Thomas Gugler, President of Worldchefs, commented: “We are very pleased to continue and build on this partnership between Electrolux Professional and Worldchefs, which has helped us to share and expand culinary technology knowledge to our Worldchefs members. The positive feedback from all sides has been very encouraging, and continuing this partnership will further create a win-win situation”

Alberto Zanata, President of Electrolux Professional added: “We all know that a certain amount of stress is part of working in a professional kitchen, but manufacturers are working all the time to take as much strain as they can away from chefs. Our partnership with Worldchefs gives us the perfect platform to do just that – showing how chefs can marry their creativity with leading technology to make their lives easier and more profitable through leaner, more efficient kitchen processes.”

For more information on Taste the Stress, watch the video and sign up for a free copy of the white paper at


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