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Worldchef Peter Duenas achieves Worldchefs Global Master Chef certification

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Guam, 18th October 2017

October 2017: Chef Peter Duenas has achieved the distinguished title of certified master chef. 

The president of the Micronesian Chefs Association (MCA) and chef/owner of Meskla Chamoru Fusion Bistro, Meskla Dos and The Deli at Meskla recently earned the Worldchefs Global Master Chef certification. 

Duenas will be recognized at a gala dinner and said the certification has been on his bucket list.

‘A true honor’

“Like so many chefs across the MCA, and across the Pacific Rim, I was keen to continue improving, learning and developing skills – being able to do this at such a high level and reach a global standard of recognition is a true honor,” Duenas said in a press release issued by Worldchefs.

“The Worldchefs Global Culinary Certification was established to bring a much-needed global benchmark to the industry,” said Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler. “Being able to get qualified – anywhere in the world at any level of the profession – is a big step toward helping chefs validate their skills, and helping employers understand what a potential candidate can offer to the team. It is opening doors to global employment opportunities.”

Gala dinner, competition

The celebration of this honor will take place at a gala dinner held in conjunction with the Worldchefs Global Chefs Challenge Series Pacific Rim regional finals, taking place Oct. 12 and 13, which sees the best chefs in the Pacific Rim compete to win titles of regional global chef, global pastry chef and global young chef (age 25 and under).

The winners will advance to compete in the coveted Worldchefs Global Challenge finals, where they will go up against the best chefs in the world at Worldchefs Congress & Expo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from July 11 to 14, 2018, according to a press release from the organization.

Reprinted from The Guam Daily Post:


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