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Where will the 2020 Worldchefs Congress take place?

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France, 23rd August 2016

Worldchefs Congresses have a long and rich history. The very first Worldchefs Congress took place in 1928 in Paris, France.

Now, 88 years later, this prestigious and family-like reunion of chefs combines a full-fledged exposition with a competition of 40 culinary talents from around the world and an international congress bringing together chefs from 78 countries.

What a success and evolution, the first congress had representatives from only 8 countries!

During the Worldchefs Congress 2014 having taken place in Stavanger, Norway, the national association representatives were asked to vote between Canada and Malaysia as destinations for Worldchefs Congress 2018. Malaysia was the winner and the ensuing Worldchefs Congress will be the 3rd Asian congress for Worldchefs after Singapore in 1990, Kyoto, Japan in 2008 and Daejon, South Korea in 2012. 

For the vote that will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece in just over a month the competition was rude. 15 different proposals of worthy candidate cities were entered & 6 cities were invited to submit a bid while only 3 remained to be voted upon at this year’s congress:

Lyon, France

Worldchefs Congresses have taken place 3 times in Paris and once in Nice but never in Lyon

Bringing back Worldchefs to its roots and foundation this congress showcases French gastronomy and traditions.

Lyon is gourmet city par excellence for centuries, which is reputed throughout the world thanks to Chef Paul Bocuse (honorary member of the WACS), Lyon is home to more than 4000 restaurants, from its famous traditional eateries known as ‘bouchons’ to Michelin-starred.

The city is also a veritable laboratory of tastes and gastronomic concepts, from its traditional ‘Mères Lyonnaises’ (female chefs) to innovative and inspired young chefs. It offers a symphony of flavours and colours, including open-air market stalls, which fill the air with fragrances from the south of France, and Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse – a permanent indoor market.


Saint Petersburg, Russia

No Worldchefs Congress has ever taken place in Russia.

With the support of the Russian Culinary Association, Saint Petersburg City Government, City Tourist Board and Saint Petersburg Convention Bureau the congress organized in the city of Saint Petersburg will showcase the Russian tradition of hospitality, Russian culinary traditions, themselves a blend of cultures and tastes from the whole of Russia.

Founded in 1703, the city has a rich history. For two centuries, Saint Petersburg has been a capital of the Russian Empire. Throughout this period, its picturesque architecture, created by the most talented architects, made the city an open-air museum. Saint Petersburg is a big industrial, scientific and cultural centre with more than 4000 significant historical and cultural landmarks, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Sydney, Australia

Australia has hosted one other Worldchefs Congress, in Melbourne

The Australian Culinary Federation is focused on the future and on the education and development of young chefs. Hosting Worldchefs Congress in 2020 will give them the opportunity to showcase inspirational young talent and the programs they have developed.

International Convention Centre, Sydney is the centre-piece of Sydney’s revitalised Darling Harbour precinct. Featuring a striking contemporary design, leading technology, innovative food philosophy and multipurpose spaces,

ICC Sydney will cater for every requirement of the Worldchefs congress, exhibition and competition elements with exceptional grace and style. 


We can’t wait to find out which city will win this vote!


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