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Welcome to our guide of pairing Dilmah Tea with Cheese!

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Sri Lanka, 18th January 2018

Pairing Dilmah Tea with Cheese

Tea, like wine, has a wide spectrum of taste depending on the type, terroir and flavour. Pairing cheese with tea completes the flavour on palate and completes the experience. The bacteria and enzymes in cheese helps digestion, so does tea, which makes tea and cheese a wonderful and a healthy pairing! To create good pairings, it is important to feel and understand the relationship between the taste of cheese and tea.

•Complementary tastes – with similar flavours / textures / components working together.
•Contrasting tastes – where two distinct flavours / textures / components show off each other.
Simple guidelines to create tea and cheese pairings to suit your palate:
•Complex, rich tasting, stronger character tea stands up well to blue veined cheese that has an assertive taste.
•Strong, dark black tea with malty flavours marries well with creamy cheese since the weight of the tea and the richness of the cheese are matched.
•Malty / low grown teas pair well with strong flavoured cheeses such as smoked cheeses & aged cheeses.
•Pepper in cheese renders a spicy note, so the cheese finds a good foil in a fruity tea, sweetened or not.
•White and green teas contain less aggressive and less astringent tasting polyphenols, hence they are thought to be more difficult to pair with cheese. However, vegetal notes of green teas mirror some of the grassy nuances in certain cream cheeses.
•Green teas & oolong teas take well to herbed cheese and flavoured cream cheeses.
•Tea with lemon or herbal teas can be a good match to tangy goat or aged cheeses.


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