Sustainability Around the World #15: Seeking A Sustainable Lifestyle

According to a study by the Southern Cross University in 2019, 87% of people have made efforts to live an eco-friendly way of life, and 72% are driven to leave a better planet for their children. This involves making conscious choices to protect the environment on a daily basis, as well as encouraging their professional and personal networks to ‘go green’.

In this month’s episode, the Feed The Planet team welcomes a member of our own, Kate Trofimova, to share her continuing experiences with seeking a sustainable lifestyle. As a young professional who has travelled, studied, and worked across continents, Kate soon found her passion in sustainable living, community development, and women empowerment. She managed to transform her inner drive into a career in Food and Social Sustainability at AIESEC and Electrolux Foundation, implementing global initiatives to raise awareness on sustainable food consumption (e.g. Food Heroes Challenge, and most recently, Replate).

Join Chef Chris Koetke and Kate Trofimova to continue your journey towards a more secure food future and to learn how you can contribute by using the power of the white chef jacket.

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