Sustainability Around the World #14: Sustainable Food Innovations

Food production and consumption have come a long way. We began with celebrating increased productivity, then gradually grew into optimizing the food system to ensure the well-being of all involved stakeholders, human and nature alike. What is the role of chefs in this transformation? What has been done by innovative culinarians? And most importantly, what should we look out for in the future?

Following our series of discussions with international experts on sustainable food system (Planetary Health DietChef’s role in accelerating Good Food For All), we invited Theresa Lieb, Food System Analyst at GreenBiz to join this month’s webcast episode to share her outlook on the ongoing green innovation in food services around the world. Teaming up with our host for a 30 minute session, Theresa will unveil the practicality of the plant forward movement with real life stories of chefs, producers, distributors and consumers.

Join Chef Chris Koetke and Theresa Lieb to continue your journey towards a more secure food future and to learn how you can contribute by using the power of the white chef jacket.

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