Episode 1: Restaurants That Thrive on Vegetables with Frank Fol

After the success of Worldchefs’ first Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals webinar series, Feed the Planet Chairman Chef Chris Koetke found himself surrounded by an inspiring community of eco-friendly culinarians. In this webcast series, Sustainability Around the World, you are invited to join the conversation with outstanding chefs creating menus that are healthy and tasty for both people and the planet.

Our first guest is Frank Fol, The Vegetable Chef®, Founder of  WE’RE SMART WORLD®. The former Chef/owner of Michelin starred restaurant Sire Pynnock has, for more than twenty-five years, been passionate about all produce grown on our planet. While he still includes meat, poultry, and fish in his dishes, he remains one of the most ardent defenders of a cooking style defined by “vegetables first.”


Want to hear more from Frank? Tune in to Worldchefs podcast, World on a Plate Episode 23: The Vegetable Philosophy with Frank Fol!

Sustainability Around the World is part of our Feed the Planet initiative, inspiring sustainable food consumption among communities and culinary professionals. Find out how you can get involved at www.howtofeedtheplanet.com.

Founded by Worldchefs, Feed the Planet is run in partnership with Electrolux Food Foundation and AIESEC. This initiative counts on the support of the Electrolux Food Foundation. Learn more about the Foundation here.

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