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WCWB Education, Myanmar a Disaster Aid Project

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Myanmar, 25th February 2014

The ” WCWB Education, Myanmar a Disaster Aid Project 2008 turns into 5th year

Development Program,”  4th primary school built & handed over 13.02.2014

 12.000 $ US – ” Christine ” & 5th primary school to be built, 36.000 $ US, sealed at same day

Keep the Fire hot for future Projects 

No total free of charge aid but let villager share 1:5 = 6,- motivate a unity in a village for

a commend cause the better education of their children and the next Generation of Myanmar. All villager need to have the feeling they also put something in rather than to eat without working anymore MCA & partner against the traditional ” aid pipeline free flow”.

As a direct result of the Myanmar Chefs Association s Nargis Cyclone aid in 2008 and the following aid initiatives growing as a snowball effect from Rice, to Boats, to houses, good, medicine and food of over 12 million $ US in 24 big sea container,- we started also,- soon after with the construction of village schools funded by Foundation ” Stiftung Life ” ( Germany ) and Hapag Lloyd Cruise Liner ” MS Europa ” .

The 4th primary school was now opened on 13.2.2014 at Thang Kyo Dinge Delta Village a three feet high building with two wide class rooms – solid built and at back our standard protection the , where the wall at one side in made or plywood and not bricks in the floor area and three feet up. A potential future flood this way not just come into the building — a major cause of death and injured people take shelter in schools or religious buildings,– collapse as the water get stuck and more on the run. With the invented in all our schools built the play wood easy brakes and the flood can run through with minimal damage to the building.  With Juergen Gessner, chairman of Stiftung Life brought along Mr Ralf a Director General of the German Education Ministry in Bavaria State and Chefs from Yangon organized with the villager trusty group a colorful opening. All students presented different traditional and modern dance performances and the head mistress told how different the here now solid building is compared to the shaky small bamboo hut they had before.  73 young Children using the two new class rooms now.

Drinking water problems

The Village leader highlighted that the school for all the children has a lack of drinking water and here help is urgent needed. Hoping for assistance .

Than afterwards all was celebrated later with a good Delta Cuisine meal at a big table.

Paul a solution for the drinking water shortage & Fund Raising

During the meal Juergen asked the village leader how he expected him to help and solve the water problem. And the village leader requested tanks to have the dirty river water in when the waters are high.

” Paul ” is much better Juergen said a latest technological invention from a Germany university, 500 ltr dirty water become 500 ltr of 99,99 % clean water a day. Just by flow through. Every two weeks need to back wash the membrane filter  – the longest in service Paul operates since 4 years without any extra cost anymore.

Of course the village leader was excited , so the system is as the school “…. how much can you give me – so I give to you the rest …. ” .

200 Euro fromthe village and 1000 Euro from Stiftung Life agreed in two weeks the villager will have money together and Paul will arrive in April to Myanmar and Thang Kyo Dinge village. The school than even able to bottle the water as it produces much more than needed and sell it as ” funds raising for self sustained other projects “.

WCWB – Myanmar always a new project at Hands,= WCWB Myanmar funding

The 5th primary school to be build by WCWB – MCA signed and WCWB funds ensured.

As already in the midst of the River Delta at border of Yangon & Ayeyarwaddy Division,    Juergen asked if WCWB-MCA would have a new school project at hand in a village which would be nearby, — of course we had and so routed the boat more south near Kayin Kyaung to the small 110 families Your Htit village with 151 students being in a temporary shelter for too long already a new building with 4 classes is needed urgently. The existing building where three classes are in one big room only,- over shouting each other, it needs to get separation walls to ensure that one class learns and hears only what they have to learn and not two others at same time. One class – one teacher.

We had gathered already the data for this 34.000 $ US project and motivated the village some weeks ago already to look into their part of share in. At the small teachers hut we sat all together and Juergen asked “.. who has 1000 Kyat ( 1 $ US )…” the head master put 1000 on the table and Juergen put 5000 from him next to it.

1:5 – nothing for free everyone has to share, in order to gain,

Create funds for WCWB – Myanmar.

The village collected already over the past weeks near to 2000 $ US and would be able to bring it to 3000 $ US until first week March,- Juergen ensured that the MCA Chefs would come in two weeks and 15.000 $ US to kick start the 5th primary School by WCWB Myanmar.

50 % to start the project. Ground breaking ceremony on 1st April 2014.

Donor Recognition most important;

As a special gimmick Juergen needs every day of the construction a picture of the work,- done by a mobile phone, as no one had a phone in the village,  he would finance the phone inclusive hotspot wifi connection ( around 350 $ US ) if he gets daily one picture,-  the village can have the phone for good,- another great ” Early Warning Facility ” for a delta village,– they fail one day, than need to give the phone back after the three month building process.

Background: the donor of the school is one of the big global IT guys, inviting 2000 IT cracks on 1.4.2014 to a seminar in Germany and every one will 10 to 20 Euro for the school – on 1.20.2014 is the next seminar in LA – USA or Bangkok – which will be the official opening day of the new school. The daily picture at on the ” NET ” is for the 2000 IT guys a daily game to play within their Cyber world ….and multiplies at same time the chances that others come in for more schools to fund and be built with a good share always by the villagers them self.

1000 $ US of the project will go officially into the WCWB – Myanmar funding.

The villager agreed and we did not leave without ” Paul ” planned and share funded also for this village, from April on daily 500 Ltr – Clean Drinking Water will be ensured for all students,– dirty water still one of the main threats to the health of children in Myanmar, work of Chefs and World Chefs Without Borders can make a difference just by assistance and networking. Use our contacts, support with our abilities and spend some time to make the live for many better within our Global Network ” WCWB – WACS ” and more to join in the name of Food & Health.

So it was in four ways a great day with WCWB – Myanmar & Partner Stiftung Life:

– Opening of a new school part for 73 young students

– 500 Ltr 99,99 % clean water through Paul to Thang Kyi Dinge village

–  Discussion, MOU signed for a new School building and 151 students in

– 500 Ltr  99,99 % clean water for all at Your Htit village again through ” Paul System ”

MCA – WCWB Check Dental project and intro to potential supporter:

On the way back we had a small stop at the from Singapore Senior Minister Goh in 2009 after Cyclone Nargis opened Delta River,  32 bed Hospital,- our WCWB-MCA dental team had just finished an over 270 patients three days dental treatment program in with some equipment to be checked. The in 2009 to MCA donated KAVO dental chair did not more up or down anymore. After a short talk to Dr Kyaw all was clear to arrange — so the main purpose of the stop was to let potential donor and partner already on Board let see further projects and chance to support more WCWB – MCA projects direct for people.

WCWB –Myanmar reach out to other rural areas

In addition one ” Paul Clean Water”, MCA-WCWB will from May 2014 on also introduce to the tourism destination of Ngapali Beach for awareness building, fundraising as CSR and Tourist join hand with World Chefs Without Borders aid & development projects in rural areas.

The most we love & enjoy to see on all this developments is, that it resulted just out of a smallest Chefs Aid initiative after Cyclone Nargis on 5.5.2008 at the Irrawaddy Delta,- through direct transparent documentation, publication and full recognition of the donors and partners – resulting in an over 14 million $ US aid & development mission since.

Changed from Aid & Relieve efforts more and more to community development, education, vocational training and environmental protection these days.

Of course at all time alert, prepared and ready to help quick in times of another disaster would come.

With many thanks to Juergen and Foundation Stiftung Life , so also to WACS and World Chefs Without Borders, which give us a global standing, trust from donor and supporter , paramount for any funding of projects,- it gives our chef members and volunteers the feeling to be part of a global well doing family, ” Being Part of It ” motivates most to be there when ever we call take their time



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