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Training the unemployed for a better future, Worldchefs in partnership with Electrolux and Aiesec are engaged for a better world!

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Brazil, 29th May 2018

Founded by Worldchefs, powered by The Electrolux Food Foundation and Aiesec, FEED THE PLANET is extending the successful zero-waste culinary training program for unemployed people to a second location in Brazil. Plans are also in place to launch the program in Argentina, Russia and Egypt in the near future.


With a focus on reducing food waste, the Electrolux Food Foundation launched a culinary training program as a pilot in Curitiba, Brazil, in September 2017. 


Since then, 34 people – mostly women – have been trained. Out of the first batch of 18 students, eight have already found new jobs. 


“The team in Curitiba – together with our partners Worldchefs and AIESEC – took this sketch of an idea, developed and implemented it in a way that exceeded everyone’s expectations. This has inspired us to replicate the program in other locations,” says Malin Ekefalk, Director of Social Responsibility at Electrolux. 


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