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The Second Hoi An International Food Festival 2017

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Vietnam, 16th May 2017

MAY 2017: I recently had the pleasure to once again be part of the International Hoi An Food Festival.  The team of International Chefs were led by Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler.  I had the opportunity to represent my home country of Germany. 

During the event we learned a lot about Vietnamese Cuisine and Culture and at the same time got to pass knowledge to the Vietnamese Chefs.  The Vietnamese people and the visitors from all over the world had the opportunity to taste dishes from 12 guest chefs who showcased their country's cuisine.  Chef Hilmar from USA, Chef Alen from Mauritius, Chef Kloetzke from Sweden, Chef Iztok from Slovenia and Chef KK Yau from Malaysia just to name a few.  Other countries represented were India, Finland, Greece, Sri Lanka, Russia, Taiwan and Germany. The event was organized by the People’s Committee of Hoi An.

The event is an opportunity to promote and strengthen the image of Hoi An as a cultural and culinary destination for both domestic and international travellers. Additionally, it is a wonderful opportunity for local chefs to interact and exchange experiences with world-renowned culinary experts, thereby contributing to skills development. 

The 12 Chefs cooked street food for four days, and we also cooked two big dishes every night.  Included in the week's tasty dishes was Greek style lamb on the spit by Chef George and Christos,  Indian Curry by Chef Anil, and Slovenian Stew by Chef Iztok.  Thomas Gugler and Chef Prasad cooked a Hoi An-inspired goulash, and I [Chef Uwe Micheel], did German style cabbage with bratwurst.

I would like to thank the People’s Committee of Hoi An, Mrs Vy and Chef Happy for this great event, and for the opportunity to be a part of it.

A big THANK YOU also to the amazing teams from Maison Vy (the official hotel), the team from VY Market Place, Cargo Club and Morning Glory.

Hoi An has won a set of new ambassadors who will share Vietnamese Cuisine with the world!

To learn more about the Hoi An International Food Festival and see lots more pictures and info please visit the Hoi An International Food Festival website.

Uwe Micheel

Asst Vice President, World Association of Chefs Societies




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