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The results are in for Global Chefs Challenge Semi Final Europe South 2015

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Bosnia (B&H), 18th May 2015

The Global Chefs Challenge Semi Final Europe South has just ended this 18th of April 2015. The event that took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, is the first one in a series of semi-finals leading to the Global Chefs Challenge Final scheduled to take place in Greece during Worldchefs Congress 2016.

Please visit this page to see the schedule. Click Here!

Global Chefs Challenge Semi Final Europe South was one of the scheduled events concomitantly taking place at the Worldchefs Europe Conference along with the “Bey Soup for Guinness”, an endeavour of the national Bosnian association.

The Global Chefs Challenge is a culinary competition that incorporates three categories: Global Chefs, Global Pastry Chefs and Young Chefs (Hans Bueschkens) challenge. The three stages of the competition took place in Sarajevo on the 16th for the Young Chefs, the 17th for the Global Chefs and the 18th for the Global Pastry Chefs.

1st Prize Italy – Cristian Spagnoli
1st Runner up Portugal – Celso Duarte Padeiro
2nd Runner up Malta- Paul Bajada

Hans Bueschkens -Young Chefs Challenge

1st Prize Italy – Salvatore Canargiu
1st Runner up Slovenia – Marco Magajne
2nd Runner up Malta – Gabriel Caruana

Global Pastry Chefs Challenge

1st Prize Greece- Agrafiotis Vasilis
1st Runner Up Turkey – Kadir Kantar

European Conference

The European Conference was an occasion for the European Continental Directors to meet with European Association Presidents. Domenico Maggi- Continental Director Europe South, Dragan Unic- Continental Director Europe North, Miroslav Kubec- Continental Director Europe Central and John Sloane, Vice President, met with 21 national association presidents of Europe of the 45 they helm inside of the European Union and outside of it.

Bey’s Soup

The making of the Bey Soup took place on the 17th of April in Sarajevo Square. From dusk till dawn more than 100 chefs and volunteers tried to set a new record for the world's largest chicken stew, outperforming their fellow countrymen's 2014 achievement. The current record is also held by Bosnian cooks is that of a giant stew that weighed 4,026 kilos (8,875 pounds) in the northern town of Prnjavor.

The massive traditional stew contained 1,000 kilos of chicken meat, 150 kilos of carrots, 50 kilos of celery, up to 30 kilos of onions, 15 kilos of okra, 100 kilos of flour as well 100 liters of oil and 50 kilos of butter and weighed 4,124 kilos.

When the event was over, the cooks handed out some 15,000 portions of stew to people who attended the event and to soup kitchens for the poor.

The record has not yet been verified by a Guinness World Records committee.

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