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The Path to Immunitea

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10th January 2023
The Path to Immunitea

Did you know that the steaming cup of tea in front of you not only tastes great, it also does wonders for your body! This includes improving your immunity and keeping you away from nasty flus, as research suggests that drinking tea can boost your immune system. 

Your immune system is the first line of defense against disease-causing germs all around you, so fostering a strong system can prevent you from falling sick often. 

This is where Tea comes in! Research suggests that drinking tea can enhance your immune system, due to the polyphenols and theanine present in tea. 

The fresh, tender shoots of tea, which then become Black Tea, Green Tea and Oolong Tea, contain significantly high amounts of polyphenols. As a tea grower that understood the importance of quality and how it affects our health, Dilmah’s Founder Merrill. J. Fernando pioneered the concept of Single Origin Tea with Dilmah Tea – Tea that consists of only the two first tender leaves and a bud – containing the greatest concentration of immunity-boosting benefits. 

Experts recommend drinking 4 – 5 cups of Tea a day to truly unlock the powers of a boost in immunity, and we’re here to help! 

Dilmah’s publication ‘Immunity Inspired by Tea’ is a comprehensive recipe booklet and guide into different ways of incorporating tea in your diet and meal plans. Mixed with other powerhouse ingredients and superfoods, the benefits of your cup of tea are not only further boosted, it also turns into a delicious gastronomy or mixology masterpiece that will leave your tastebuds teangling for more!  

Flip through their amazing recipes such as the Goji Berry Cashew Chocolate, Turmeric, Almond Protein Ball; a stunning Aioli made with Peach Black Tea; Gazpacho shots made with Dilmah’s Tangerine, Rose and Grapefruit Infusion; and Ginger and Mint coolers, among many others. 

With a range of both, gastronomy and mixology, tea-inspired recipes tailored to boost your immunity, Dilmah’s recipe booklet is an important must-have in your cooking arsenal! 

Happy brewing! 


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