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The latest Cook&Chill seminar in Dubai

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France, 17th May 2014


Upon the last week’s announcement, on May 17 the first in a series of workshops on Cook&Chill system, as part of the Chef2Chef seminar powered by Electrolux Professional and the Worldchefs, took place in Dubai (UAE).

The workshop is designed to merge the latest technology that incorporates an oven and blast chiller in a single solution and an innovative approach to sustainable cooking to improve chefs’ daily activities, and moreover to extend the range of their skills and techniques and build on their knowledge on nutritional value, texture, flavour and colour, while applying the art of sous vide cooking in modern day cuisine and culinary arts.

The Chef2Chef seminar in Dubai was held at the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA Dubai), and led by an amazing team of Chefs: Silvano Costantini from Electrolux Professional and Andy Cuthbert, General Manager of Madinat Jumeirah and Chairman of the Worldchefs Young Chefs Development and the Emirates Culinary Guild.

Without any doubt and confirmed by the participants, the Chef2Chef workshop in Dubai was a very inspiring and insightful experience for both – the ICCA students and the Chefs from across the UAE and from all sectors of the hospitality industry. While eagerly expecting June 24, when the second Chef2Chef seminar will be organized in London (UK), the next workshop in Dubai is already planned for September this year.

Many thanks to Chef Andy Cuthbert, Chef Silvano Costanini and Mr. Mauro Zanchetta from Electrolux Professional, and Mr. Sunjeh Raja, Director of ICCA Dubai, for putting the workshop together, sharing their very best knowledge and expertise and making sure the participant acquire new and upgrade present skills and techniques and carry them forward in their daily operations. To get a glimpse of the amazing working atmosphere during the seminar, click on the below links:

For more information on Electrolux Professional, follow the link:


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