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The first Electrolux Arts & Science Workshop 2017 a resounding success!

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Afghanistan, 09th May 2017

 MAY 2017: The Arts & Science workshop on Chinese Banquet linked with Cook&Chill for Hotels and Catering which took place on 27 April, 2017 was a great success!

Chefs attended a workshop hosted by Chef KK Kong, Worldchefs’ Chef2Chef ambassador and Daniel Schneider, Electrolux Professional Chef Academy in Singapore.

This was the first Chef2Chef training seminar in 2017, hosted by Electrolux Professional and WORLDCHEFS as part of their “Art & Science Come Together” alliance.

The workshop focused on preparation and regeneration techniques linked to the Cook & Chill system, a new technology that incorporates an oven and blast chiller in a single solution.

Chefs who took part had the chance to learn techniques for a more sustainable approach to cooking in order to improve their daily activities, reduce food cost and waste, and become more independent to suppliers. Participants learned how to use Cook & Chill and proper regeneration in different ways to enhance the menu.

Throughout 2017, Chef2Chef seminars will be held at Electrolux Professional Centres of Excellence across the globe in UAE-Dubai, Turkey, Sweden, Singapore, the US, South Africa and Japan.

Stay tuned upcoming events here:

ABOUT Arts & Science Chef2Chef Workshops

The goal of the Arts & Science Chef2Chef seminars is to educate chefs on implementing sustainable practices in the kitchen while maintaining the highest standards.

Focused on Electrolux Professional’s unique Cook & Chill solution, the seminars will demonstrate how chefs can use the integrated system to reduce waste, ensure food safety and optimize working processes to reduce stress within the kitchen environment.

The chefs will learn how to blend innovative technology with their own creativity to deliver their culinary best.


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