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The 44th International Snow Sculpture Contest 2017

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Macau, 23rd February 2017

Eleven teams, from various regions of the world, have participated in this year’s contest.

The contest site, filled with a variety of snow statues, creates a remarkable international atmosphere.

The participants and the public have enjoyed positive cultural exchanges and have developed new friendships.

Here is the result of the contest: The winning team is Macao.

Crane Dance in Spring

Mountain View

The “CRANE” is a symbol of peace and longevity, signifying the arrival of spring with everything in bloom and all trade will be thriving!

In the Chinese new year, the Macao team creates this snow sculpture to wish “Peace on Earth” to everyone.

Macao team members.

Mr. Perry Yuen Kam Hung             

Mr. Patrick Li Hing Cheung           

Mr. Tam Kuong Wu       



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