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Support Worldchefs Without Borders in helping Ecuador!

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Ecuador, 29th April 2016

The news comes amid continue shaking in Ecuador on aftershocks, after a powerful earthquake with magnitude 7.8 which killed more than 570 people according to Ecuador’s Risk Management office. Most of the death were from coastal towns of Manta, Portoviejo and Pedernales. In a reconstruction efforts, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa announced tax increase and selling government assets.

It will take years for Ecuadorian to rebuild their nation, rescue crews and aid from Latin America and beyond has come in since Saturday earthquake which caused aide spread damage throughout the country, especially on the coast. In Pedernales, a tourist city marred with destruction and restaurant destroy further unnerve people.

Ecuador is a strong supporter of World Chefs. So ladies and gentlemen let World Chefs Without Borders take the lead to donate generously to our brother and sister of chefs in Ecuador.

To donate please see below:

Account Name:

WACS World Chefs Without Borders

Account No:



FR76 3000 4024 8400 0103 3959 223



Bank Details:

BNP Paribas (code 02484)

2 Rue Gaston Boyer, 51100 Reims, France

Or donate with Paypal:

Thank you

We are chef, we have no border

Willment Leong

Chairman – World Chef Without Borders

Vice President – Thailand Chefs Association

Founder Chairman – Thailand Culinary AcademyWillment Leong

[email protected] (WCWB Chairman)

Photo credit: ABC news


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