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Stay Hungry!

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14th September 2020

Stay Hungry!

The tiger symbolises strength, dynamism and passion. Characteristics that are called for day in day out in the kitchen. The eagerly anticipated reopening of restaurants has so far only experienced a small, cautious upward trend. That’s why it is all the more important at the moment to continue to nurture and maintain the passion for cooking.

Friedr. Dick would like to embody this with the limited special edition of the forged Santoku knife from the Premier Plus series, featuring the expressive tiger motif and the slogan “STAY HUNGRY” on the blade. Amongst other things, the tiger also stands for determination and organisational talent, which are also two qualities that have to be present in a kitchen, whether in a commercial setting or at home. Passion, resilience and discipline are required when you train to become a chef and these qualities are fulfilled not only by a tiger but also by the forged Santoku knife. The Santoku knife, originating in Asia, stands for 3 virtues, which represent excellent, versatile properties when cutting meat, fish and vegetables.

The tremendous power of the tiger to overcome this unprecedented crisis should at least be symbolised in the special edition from Friedr. Dick.

Forged from a piece of steel, perfectly balanced and with a high-quality coating on the blade as well as a unique marking – the perfect tool for creativity and inspiration when cooking. A special reinforced ceramic hybrid coating is applied to the knife blades. This antibacterial non-stick coating reduces cuttings from sticking and allows easy cleaning. In addition, ceramic particles ensure the best sliding properties with reduced force and high wear resistance.

The special edition, limited to 500 pieces, will be available from specialist dealers from October 2020.

Friedr. Dick is the only manufacturer worldwide who offers a complete range of knives, sharpening steels, ancillary items for chefs and butchers as well as grinding machines, sharpening machines and knife cleaning devices. The long-standing tradition and experience of manufacturing products for chefs and butchers allow a continuous development of innovative products. Input from customers, especially end-users and our own ideas are converted into high-quality products.

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