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Sous-Vide Dutch Veal

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Netherlands, 20th February 2017

VanDrie Group introduces new Jan sous-vide prepared veal ossobuco, veal blade, veal stew, veal spareribs and veal cheek. Sous-vide cooking is well known technique by way of which products are cooked gently and for longer, ensuring that they remain soft and tender. Herewith, Jan offers the foodservice market a great deal of convenience and high quality. Jan products are simple to prepare, consist of high-quality cuts of meat, contain less salt, feature comprehensive product responsibility and provide users access to details of the production process via a Q&R code.


Jan: a traditional Dutch name, but also a name with a rich history. Jan represents the family history of the VanDrie Group. It was Jan van Drie Sr. who, with the purchase of his first newborn calf, blazed the trail for the way in which modern Dutch calf husbandry now works, allowing us to enjoy the tastiest and highest quality veal. It is Jan who selects the calves with care. Jan allows his calves to grow in complete peace, and he gives them the best possible nourishment and care. After all, you can taste the good nutrition and care in the meat. That is why at Jan, we produce our own cattle feed. This allows us to keep quality and taste of our meat at a high level. Jan also guarantees that the calves are processed extremely professionally to make the finest veal products, guaranteeing food safety.


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