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Sharing a vision of education and world cuisine – Train the Trainer

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Puerto Rico, 06th July 2015

The ACF Puerto Rico Chapter and World Chefs (WACS) presented a program of workshops and Train-The-Trainer seminars in the Dominican Republic from 20 April through the 25th.  Chef Marcos A Rodriguez Cabin, president of the ACF Puerto Rico Chapter, and Chef Claudio G Ferrer CEC CCE AAC,  Continental Director for The Americas and the Caribbean Island for World Chefs (WACS) were invited by The Instituto Tecnico Superior Comunitario (ITSC)  in Santo Domingo and the Puerto Rico government to present global cuisine to their students and faculty.

Advanced students from ITSC were invited to participate in 5 hour workshops including included 2 hours of theory and 3 hours of practice.  Topics ranged from local cuisine to world cuisine. One afternoon the two chefs presented topics to the chef association members including innovative cook and chill techniques, sous vide, and sustainability.

Both Electrolux and Custom Culinary were sponsors. 

Participants received certificates from the Puerto Rico Chef Association and WACS for 15 hours of professional development.  For many this was the first step towards receiving a=ACF and World Chefs certifications.

The success of the event will be repeated at various places in the Caribbean; trying to reach as many young chefs as possible.


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