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Sad day for the Worldwide Culinary Industry, Worldchefs is deeply saddened to inform the death of Remo Berdux

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France, 26th July 2018

Worldchefs, the World Association of Chefs Societies is deeply saddened to inform the death of Remo Berdux 

 A Swiss national, Australian passport holder and world wide citizen. He was a Chefs chef, his life revolved his chosen career and cooking, food and chefs was in his blood.

Remo was fortunate to have a loving wife, Soo, met in Korea. Soo supported Remo’s demanding lifestyle and together they had one daughter, Gina, who Remo proudly sent to University in Melbourne a couple of years ago.

Remo stature was like a man mountain and strong figure in the kitchen but he was such a king and gentle person, he always had a smile on his face and his laugh was infectious. His approach was gentle, kind, understanding to his team. He had a very good cultural approach and was very understanding always of where he was. This is a very important trait that many overlook but it was undoubtedly his strength. Remo was always involved in every chefs group in whatever country he was living at the time. Chefs were “His People” this was his culture and his language. 

The whole World culinary industry is in mourning for Remo Berdux who will be missed!


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