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Palestine Joins the Growing WORLDCHEFS Family

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Palestine, 18th September 2013

The 12th of September was an important date for both the World Association of Chefs Societies and Palestinian Chefs Association. On this exciting day, WACS President Gissur Gudmundsson officially announced that Palestinian Chefs Association became a full member of the World Association of Chefs Societies.

During this occasion, Gissur Gudmundsson handed over the official membership certificate to Nadim Milhem, President of the Palestinian Chefs Association. Throughout the event, there were several important people who attended this momentous occasion – the President of Bethlehem, Governor and Tourism Minister, WACS General Manager Ragnar Fridriksson and Thomas Gugler, WACS Continental Director for Africa/Middle East.

During the same day, the first international culinary competition was held at Crystal restaurant in Bethlehem, which involved 53 competitors from all over Palestine as well as the Taste of Peace members. At the closing ceremony, competitors received medals and diplomas by representatives of both Associations.

The entrance of Palestinian Chefs Association into the World Association of Chefs Societies family is certainly a big step for all involved, as this paves the way for many joint and exciting projects. Furthermore, WACS President, Gissur Gudmundsson highly commended Chef Sarkis Yacoubian, President of the Taste of Peace Association, for his tremendous efforts on making this new venture happen.

WACS president concluded, “I am very pleased and honored that Palestinian Chefs Association is now part of the World Association of Chefs Societies family and I am looking forward to our partnership that lies ahead. After all, we have already made an important step by showing that chefs truly have no borders!”



About WACS 

WACS is the leading authority in global cuisine, dedicated to defining and promoting standards within professional cooking and hospitality around the world.

Through educational programmes, international culinary competitions and congresses and assemblies, WACS has been leading the way in shaping the role of the professional chef since it was established in 1928.

WACS membership includes cooks, chefs and culinary educators from around 100 countries, representing over 10 million professionals.

For more information and high resolution photos, please contact:

Ragnar Fridriksson

General Manager

World Association of Chefs Societies

[email protected]





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