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Obituary for Konrad Spinell and his Wife Monika

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01st July 2016
It is with both sadness and dismay we bid farewell to our long-standing managing Director, and honorary member of the Konrad Spinell and his wife, Monika, were torn by a tragic accident suddenly, unexpectedly and much too early in life. 
Konrad spinel has influenced many through the years with commitment and passion to the SKV. His tireless dedication to the promotion of the cooking profession and cooking education, the social and economic anchor of our Association in South Tyrol and international in the world Federation of culinary associations. 
We lose with him not only an outstanding personality but also a friend, at his side as a great support always to his beloved wife, Monika. 
Our sympathy goes out to the daughters of Sandra and Iris and family members. 


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