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New Nordic Kitchen with Titti Qvarnstrom, Michelin chef and co-owner of Bloom in the Park

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Sweden, 18th December 2015

Sustainability will be at the heart of the collaboration between Titti Qvarnstrom and Duni. This reflects that both parties place great importance on providing their customers with an innovative, eco-conscious offering.

Titti Qvarnstrom is the first female chef in Sweden to receive a Michelin star and is co-owner of Bloom in the Park – recognized as the Best Restaurant in Sweden 2015. Formerly a semi-finalist at Chef of the year, she has also competed on the TV show Koksmastarna.

Coming from the same place

Titti Qvarnstrom’s restaurant and the headquarters of Duni are in Malmo – the city where she was born. The natural beauty of Southern Sweden has always been, and remains, a major source of inspiration for her.

She says: “My earliest memory of food is foraging in the woods of Skane with my dad. He was a biology teacher and knew what plants could be eaten. The region means so much to me with its wonderful nature. Through my food, I’m able to share a small part of it – with people all over the world.“

Shared passion for the environment

A sustainable philosophy unites Titti Qvarnstrom and Duni. For instance, she prioritises using locally sourced ingredients and working closely with local farmers. Duni, for its part, is committed to providing some of the best – if the not the best – sustainable solutions on the market.

Duni and Titti Qvarnstrom will work together on activities that explore the relationship between food and sustainability. These will bring together Duni’s most eco-conscious products and Titti Qvarnstrom’s celebrated culinary vision.

A winning combination

In November Bloom in the Park picked up its latest prize: Restauranggalans award for Restaurant of the Year 2015. Meanwhile, Duni has won a 2015 Red Dot Award, a 2015 Golden A’ Design Award and The Caterer’s Environmental Award 2014.

Tina Andersson, Marketing and Communications director at Duni: “We are passionate about being outstanding in our field. So what better than to collaborate with Titti Qvarnstrom who is truly outstanding in her field, and who shares our interests in food, design and sustainability? We are extremely proud to be working with Titti.”

Demo on chefs stage – World on a plate

Pure, fresh, simple and ethical. Words that characterize the New Nordic Kitchen – and the kitchen run by Michelin starred Chef Titti Qvarnström in her restaurant Bloom in the Park.

In exploring the New Nordic Kitchen, Titti will explore the tradition behind the New Nordic cuisine. A tradition started by Nordic chefs who dug back in time to unearth and reinvent their gastronomic heritage, using local produce and foraged ingredients, as well as age-old techniques. A tradition that is helping to drive the evolution of food across the world.

Focusing on sustainability, Titti will create a fresh interpretation of Nordic cuisine using wild herbs, organic vegetables and wild game, as well as Duni’s most eco-conscious products.


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