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Nepal Quake – Worldchefs Without Borders Unite

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03rd May 2015

Tens of thousands desperate for help as survivors on Nepal quake await humanitarian aid and continue search for survival. Nepalese are huddling in tent cities, desperate for help after last Saturday 25th April 2015 quake that killed more than 5200 people, as international rescue team raced to find survivals buried in the rubble.

Teams equipped with heavy cutting gear and relief supplies were landing round the clock, Kathmandu which has been devastated by Saturday 7.8 magnitude quake. Officials say more than 5200 people are now known to have died, 7000 injured including 3422 in Nepal- making it the quake prune Himalaya nation's deadliest disaster in more than 80 years. Which has also many powerful aftershocks according to report.

World Chefs without Borders would like to appeal to all WACS's Member to raise fund on your own ways and donate to RED CROSS, WFP, or any other charity organization who are in support the relief works on NEPAL QUAKE or transfer your donated amount to WCWB account. We, World Chefs without Borders are trying to get in touch with Chefs Association of Nepal on the needs and also information of channelling of gather aid and will publish on WACS's website and WCWB social media site when we get them. If you wish, after you have donated to any RELIEF ORGANIZATION you could send your transfer slip record to WCWB for recording purpose. Please kindly send to WCWB Chairman Chef Willment Leong at [email protected]. Thailand Chefs Association President Somsak has plan a donation drive fund with the assist of Thai Government. Same time planning of Charity event at HOFEX which is on 5th- 9th May 2015 at Hong Kong by President Chef Mak whom are member of WCWB committee. Chef Willment Leong will collect 1 USD from 900 entries of competitors that compete in THAIFEX and WACS Asia Global Chefs competition together with 10 USD each from 41 Jury judging in the event from 20th – 25th May 2015 Bangkok Thailand. Also Culinaire Malaysia 2015 in Kuala Lumpur 29th September 2015 – 2nd October 2015. The successful of the events are proven great success and crate a ripple effect through public awareness for the good course to support the millions of Nepalese children whom is living at area near the severely affected by the earthquake. They are also million more Nepalese effected in the remote area of the country which has not be able to access, let us help those in needs @ Nepal on the tragic lost, painful ordeal of Nepalese People.


On behalf of World Chefs without Borders
Prepared by KK Yau / WCWB PR Relation
29 April 2015
Willment Leong
Committee Chairman – World Chefs without Borders Founder Chairman – Thailand Culinary Academy Vice President – Thailand Chefs Association
Email – [email protected]
Mobile: +66817355800


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