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International Chefs Day 2016 in Canada

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Canada, 08th November 2016
The Canadian Culinary Federation – Toronto Branch, led by Chef Greg Howe, Secretary with Chef Shonah Chalmers, President and Worldchefs Secretary General and Chairman, Cornelia Volino, proudly showcased International Chefs Day at Gore Meadows Community Centre with Ms. Billings Grade 6 class from Castlemore Public School.
This was also the second year of working in the community in support of the Nestle Healthy Kids and Worldchefs Campaign.
With generous support from Humber College, all the food and supplies provided the opportunity of sharing this experience with the Culinary Arts students, Humber graduates and Junior members: Ryan Collie, Monica Choy, Florence Roura, Matthew Ritchie, Jennifer Balana, Ian Fletcher and Jonathan Rocha  to encourage their skills and passion promoting Healthy Kids and lifestyles.
A very special thank you to Jessica Robichaud, our photographer from Humber College for capturing the smiles and the moments. It was a fabulous and fun day creating “Art on a Plate” while celebrating the Nestle Healthy Kids and Worldchefs Campaign on International Chefs Day 2016! See you all next year!

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