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IDX_FS International Digital Food Services Expo powered by INTERNORGA: The starting signal for a top-class digital event for the industry

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Germany, 11th March 2021

IDX_FS International Digital Food Services Expo powered by INTERNORGA: The starting signal for a top-class digital event for the industry

Originally published 03/04/21

On 15 March 2021, the IDX_FS International Digital Food Service Expo powered by INTERNORGA (IDX_FS Expo), the digital industry event for the catering, foodservice and hotel industries, will get underway. One week before the start of the three-day digital format, the three partners and organisers – INTERNORGA, IDX Events GmbH and the Institute of Culinary Art – as well as a member of the INTERNORGA Exhibitor Advisory Board, explain in an online press conference the current situation amid an ongoing pandemic, the special features and highlights of the event, and the relevance of digital events. The focus is on the varied programme, presented from three stages in Cologne and Hamburg. In addition to an innovative, virtual platform with 100 exhibitors and partners, the IDX_FS Expo will present a series of top-class speakers, well-known competitions and award ceremonies, as well as new formats.

The IDX_FS Expo from 15 to 17 March 2021 will create an industry format that is intended to encourage people, especially in times of ongoing uncertainty. ‘The entire trade fair industry was severely restricted by the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, however, it has also led to new food for thought and significantly accelerated digitalisation. The IDX_FS Expo is not only an absolute must for all those involved in the foodservice and hospitality market, but also sets new benchmarks when it comes to digital approaches to trade fairs,’ says Bernd Aufderheide, Chairman of the Management Board of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH.

Three exciting days of inspiration, food for thought and pioneering trends await attendees from the catering, foodservice and hotel industries. Claudia Johannsen, Division Manager at Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, sees the IDX_FS Expo as a strong signal to the industry and is looking forward to an inspiring and lively event: ‘For decades, INTERNORGA has been a hotbed of new trends and fresh impetus, and is known as a high-quality platform for the entire foodservice and hospitality market. We are thrilled that in this unusual year, with two great partners at our side, we are able to offer the entire foodservice and hospitality market a digital platform with the IDX_FS Expo that promises a varied supporting programme, as well as offering exhibitors and visitors opportunities to interact.’

The aims of the industry event are: to connect national and international players from the fields of gastronomy, foodservice, catering and the hotel industry, as well as exhibitors and visitors, both digitally and virtually, and to stimulate exchange and networking. ‘That is unique,’ says Michael Buck, Managing Partner of IDX EVENTS GmbH, the technology and event company that is making the worldwide launch of the IDX_FS Expo possible with the help of a novel distribution platform. ‘We believe that this also provides great added value for all participants and attendees of the digital event. The event will motivate stakeholders in the industry to look positively to the future. Virtual formats will not disappear in the future, but the companies involved and all the rest of us can learn now how to navigate this new hybrid world. That is a great opportunity for learning and experimentation.’

The Institute of Culinary Art (ICA), as sponsor of the trade fair, sees the digital exhibition approach for the entire foodservice and hospitality market as an opportunity to continue to do business successfully in the future and to redefine the value chain. ICA President Gerhard Bruder views the direct gathering of information as a particular source of added value: ‘The possibilities of digital mean visitors can find much of what they are looking for considerably faster. Depending on their interests, they can go straight to the food producers, and then, for example, to the checkout systems – without walking the long distances through the trade fair. They can immediately view the innovations there and interact directly via video.’

MKN Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer GmbH & Co. is an exhibitor and has been a member of the INTERNORGA Exhibitor Advisory Board for many years. Its CEO, Georg Weber, highlights the advantages from an exhibitor’s point of view: ‘Firstly, a participating company benefits from greater reach than at a physical event. The digital format is also used by people for whom travelling to a trade fair in person would be impossible or too expensive. This will significantly increase the potential number of participants in the event.’ Weber also emphasises that the format offers more wide-reaching opportunities: ‘We see the IDX_FS Expo as an opportunity to gain new digital experience and to use this platform for the exchange of expert knowledge beyond the boundaries of our field. We want to enter into dialogue with existing partners and potential customers and present our product highlights. Of course, we also can’t wait to meet and exchange ideas again in person at INTERNORGA in Hamburg. Nothing can replace that physical event.’

Visit Worldchefs

You can find Worldchefs at our interactive digital booth and be sure to tune in for Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler’s keynote address on Tuesday, 16 March at 12:30 CET.

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Don’t forget to visit our digital booth and tune in for Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler’s keynote address on Tuesday, 16 March at 12:30 CET.


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INTERNORGA has been the leading international trade fair for the Hospitality Management, Catering, and Bakery & Confectioneries sectors for 100 years and is held annually in March at the Hamburg Messe und Congress site. Due to the Corona pandemic, the event cannot physically take place in March 2021. Instead, the first IDX_FS powered by INTERNORGA will take place digitally from 15 to 17 March 2021.

Visit to register and find them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

About  the Institute of Culinary Art

The ICA is the exclusive networking platform for the top decision-makers in the Food Services industry. It aims to unite, inspire, and develop professionals and top international decision makers in the Food Services industry by providing a safe, robust, and independent enablement platform for knowledge transfer, networking, and personal development.


IDX EVENTS is a globally operating Digital Technology and Event Management company based in Cologne, Germany. The company works with global consumer and B2B brands to enable the conceptualization, technological enablement, and operational implementation of their global digital events and sales engagement platforms

Learn More

You can hear more about the event and the future of trade shows on the latest World on a Plate episode with IDX_FS founder Michael Buck. Visit for more.


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