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Hualien Earthquake support by Taiwanese Chefs

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Taiwan, 09th February 2018

In great support to the recent devastated Earthquake in
Hualien, Eastern Taiwan; members and volunteers of the Taiwan Chefs Association
(TCA) lead by Vice President's Chef Alan Ho, Chef Rowson Wong, 15 young chefs
volunteers, members of the Hualien Chefs Association in collaboration with 4
Culinary University's Departments in an effort to support physically, mentally
and providing hot food to community members, rescue workers, army and volunteers
of the affected area. 

Volunteers gathered under self funded arrangements and prepared donated food
commodities by the affected County Government for over 500 affected community
members and rescue workers.
Sincere appreciation and many thanks towards all chef volunteers whom have
responded quickly to the effort to provide support to our community members in


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