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High Tea Revolutionized

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Sri Lanka, 20th February 2016

Dilmah, innovators in the tea industry revolutionized the age old Real High Tea and brought it back into focus of the culinary world. Basically the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge ( stirred up the world of tea and its smooth transition into the world of culinary adventures. The world was once again reminded of the versatility of tea, a brew without parallel from its flavor, taste and fragrance; it enhances food to an amazing level of sophistication that was highlighted during the Real High Tea Challenge.

In a world that expects instant gratification, the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge reminded people to take time to appreciate the finer, yet simple things in life. It helped bring about the rebirth of the afternoon tea, this time coupled with fine gastronomy and mixology. It proved to be the perfect medium to express the natural goodness of tea in a contemporary setting.

The Challenge was a great success with 710 contestants forming 355 teams from 14 countries across the globe. It saw the birth of 1420 tea inspired beverages, as well as inspiring renowned chefs to truly showcase their creative genius, as the Dilmah tea revolution traveled around the world, from continent to continent, shore to shore, transforming tea. It exposed the globe to the possibility of a whole new world of tea as free spirited thinkers and epicurean artisans put the tea back into high tea.

The Real High Tea challenge brought about a renaissance of tea, which is guaranteed to have a lasting impact as people once again take time to appreciate the finer things in life. Dilmah takes pride in having put the tea back into the limelight and bringing back to the modern generation the joy of afternoon tea!


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