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Guam Culinary Competition update

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Guam, 22nd November 2016

It has been three years since I was last in Guam so to come back for another culinary competition was no hardship.

This is the fifth year that the Micronesian Chefs Association (MCA) has run a culinary competition and each year they grow from strength to strength.

With more confidence comes diversification in what they introduce as the different class categories. This year is the first year they had a pastry class.

The secondary school class had three teams of three students to produce three covers using pork fillet as the main protein plus a balanced plate of starch and vegetables all within an hour. The dishes these youngsters presented were excellent and a credit to them and their tutors/ mentors.

I was impressed with the excitement and enthusiasm of all competitors that participated in the culinary competitions over the 2 days as well as their professional approach and respect for fellow competitors. 

My congratulations to the Board of the MCA for your tireless efforts in encouraging chefs of the future to become the next generation that will show case the cuisine of Guam. It is your efforts that will keep the culinary legacy alive. 

The MCA is well supported by the many Executive Chefs who run the large establishments/ resorts on the Island so it just makes sense that they have a master’s class competition. This is a magic box class and they only have 30 minutes to produce 4 plates of whatever they have in the box. All items in the box must be used plus they have the full range of vegetables and dry stores to draw on. As the contents of the box was deemed to be a hard combination of ingredients (and that was from the person who selected what was in the boxes – MCA President Peter Duenas) that he extended to timing to 40 min. The energy and excitement that this class had was amazing – you know that the chefs have worked hard when they come to present and explain their dishes with sweet running down their faces.

Like all prize giving’s the excitement of who has won never changes and the reactions and emotions displayed by the youth when their name was called was loud, noisy and electric and full of excitement.

Everyone worked so hard to achieve a great event and like all other events the support of sponsors is so very important and they were there assisting and helping in every part of the 2 days.

The MCA is looking forward to hosting the Global Chefs semi finals next year in October. I am hoping to get the basis of the competition format out to everyone by the end of this year and all countries need to consider what categories that you will send competitors in plus undertake fundraising or gain sponsorship to get to Guam. I know that the hospitality when you get to Guam will be fantastic so start arranging details so you can attend.



Murray M Dick,

Continental Director- Pacific Rim.


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