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Global Chefs Challenge Semi-Final Europe Central: German precision at its best!

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Czech Republic, 07th October 2015

On the days of 2nd – 4th October 2015, a semi-final round of the Global Chefs Challenge, an international contest designated for the chefs from Central Europe, took place within the framework of the FOR GASTRO&HOTEL 2015 fair.

In this semi-final round, chefs from the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Poland and Germany compared the levels of their culinary skills. Representatives of the individual countries were competing in 3 independent competitions for three days.

Headed by the chief commissioner Carlo Sauber from Luxemburg, the professional jury consisting of accredited commissioners from 6 European countries appreciated the quality of the individual contestants.

Miroslav Kubec, President of the Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Czech Republic, who is at the same time Continental Director for Central Europe within the World Association of Chefs Societies (WorldChefs), a global organisation under whose patronage the competition was taking place, observed that the contestants had been very well prepared for the competition and he highlighted especially the high quality of the young chefs performing in the “Hans Bueschkens Young Chefs Challenge” competition, who were successfully seconding their older colleagues.

In terms of the most prestigious competition “Global Chefs Challenge”, the chefs got an assignment to prepare a three-course menu for 6 persons in 3 hours. We were highly delighted by the bronze medal won in this competition for the Czech Republic by Patrik Bečvář. The second position belonged to Richárd Elek from Hungary and the gold medal went to Germany thanks to Tobias Laabs.

The “Global Pastry Chefs Challenge” competition turned into an exhibition show of the Hungarian representative Dávid Domonkos, who presented a sculpture entitled “Ambrosia – the Food of the Gods”. Sadly enough, our representative Lukáš Skála (winner of the contest Pastry Chef of the Year 2013) had to withdraw from the contest for health reasons at the eleventh hour.

In the final contest set up for the promising young chefs under the title “Hans Bueschkens Young Chefs Challenge”, the gold medal went to Germany once again, this time thanks to Marianus von Hörsten, the silver position was secured by Poland´s Bartosz Peter and the bronze belonged to Barnabás Hack from Hungary.

The final round of the whole contest, which will be taking place next year on the occasion of the worldwide congress WorldChefs Congress & Expo in Thessaloniki, Greece, will so be attended by the winners of the mentioned individual competitions and also by the second ranking in the Global Chefs Challenge competition.

Results of the individual competitions:



1st place:           Tobias Laabs (Germany)

2nd place:          Richárd Elek (Hungary)

3rd place:          Patrik Bečvář (Czech Republic)




1st place:           Marianus von Horsten (Germany)

2nd place:          Bartosz Peter (Poland)

3rd place:          Barnabás Hack (Hungary)  




1st place:           David Domonkos (Hungary)


Headed by its President Mr. Miroslav Kubec, the Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Czech Republic would like to thank to all the partners and supporters of this contest.

General partners of the contest:

Czech Tourism, InterGast a.s., PVA EXPO Praha Letňany – the FOR GASTRO & HOTEL fair, Nestlé Česko s.r.o. and Hotel DUO

Local partners of the contest:

ARDO Mochov s.r.o., ILLE – Papír Service, s.r.o., J.J.Darboven s.r.o., Johann Kotanyi s.r.o., KAYSER, s.r.o., Nektar Natura s.r.o., Veba home textile, Puratos CZ a.s., Private hotel school Buchaschool Most, Apprenticeship centre SPV of the Hotel InterContinental Praha, TITBIT s.r.o., Vorwerk CZ k.s., Winterhalter Gastronom CS s.r.o.

International partners (supporting the WorldChefs contests globally):

Electrolux, Nestlé Professional, Unilever Food Solutions, Segers, Sterling, Olitalia, Dilmah, Fonterra – Dairy for life, VanDrie Group, Valrhona, Dick – Knives, Figgjo Norway, Wasabi, HUG


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