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Global Chefs Challenge Final in Thessaloniki Greece is sure to be action-packed!

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Greece, 22nd March 2016

After a year of intense competition in more than on 6 continents, 10 of the world’s top chefs will be pitting their culinary skills against each other at the Global Chef Challenge Finals in Thessaloniki, Greece!

Using the freshest and top quality ingredients from Scotland, Holland, Norway, New Zealand and Thailand, this elite selection of chefs will be placed in the same level playing field, ensuring that the chef with the best cooking skills will take the crown.

Be prepared to watch the sizzling action at the Global Chef Challenge, the Global Pastry Chef Challenge and Hans Bueschkens Young Chef Challenge. It will be a sight to behold!

Check out the competitors here:

Global Chefs Challenge Europe South 16-18 April Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

GCC  – Portugal Celso Durate Padeiro

GCC  – Italy Cristian Spagnoli

GCC  – Greece Tsemperlidis Alkiviandis

HB winner – Italy Salvatore Canargiu

Wild Card HB – Greece Anninos Polikarpos

Pastry winner – Greece Agrafiotis Vassilis

Global Chefs Challenge Asia 20-24 May Bangkok, Thailand

GCC  – Singapore Lee Boon Seng

GCC  – Hong Kong Yuen Chi Hin (Steve)

GCC  – Taiwan Chia-Chi Li

HB winner  – Singapore Tay Sock Hui Payuda (Lynnette)

Pastry winner  – South Korea Narae Kim

Wild Card Pastry – Singapore Desmond Lee Yam Hock

Global Chefs Challenge Americas 23-25 October Ecuador

GCC  – Canada Christopher Corkum

GCC  – USA Eddie Tancredi

GCC  – Ecuador Felipe Campana

HB winner  – USA Victor Hugo Perez Ruiz

Pastry winner  – USA Stephan Schubert

Global Chefs Challenge Europe North 3-6 June Aalborg, Denmark

GCC  – Norway Thomas Johansen Borgan

GCC  – Sweden Fredrik Anderson

GCC  – Denmark Mikkel Laursen

GCC  – Finland Eero Vottonen

HB winner  – Sweden Robert Sandberg

Wild Card HB  – Denmark Tommy Jespersem

Pastry winner  – Sweden Frida Backe

Global Chefs Challenge Pacific Rim 30 july-2 August Auckland, New Zealand

GCC  – Australia Mathew Weller

GCC  – New Zealand Marc Sycamore

HB winner  – Australia Christopher Malone

Pastry Winner  – Australia Jenni Key

Global Chefs Challenge Europe Central 1-4 October Prague, Czech Republic

GCC  – Germany Tobias Laabs

GCC  – Hungary Richard Elek

HB winner  – Germany Marianus Von Horsten

Pastry winner  – Hungary David Domonkos

Global Chefs Challenge Africa/Middle East 7-8 December Abu Dhabi

GCC  – UAE Thamara Kumari

GCC  – Qatar Khala Walid Karim

GCC  – Egypt Omar Ahmed Hamada

HB winner – UAE Rahil Rathod

Wild Card HB  – Namibia Jo Andri Pretorius

Pastry winner  – UAE Achala Sanjeewa Weerasinghe

Wild Card Pastry  – Qatar Aoki Yusuke


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