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Food Development Manager: Alshaya Group

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Kuwait, 10th February 2021

Food Development Manager: Alshaya Group

Role Details


  • The Master Baker enhances and develops existing and future menu and product lines of Alshaya Food Division’s various brands and external customer’s base.
  • Combine innovation, creative ideas and exceptional kitchen capabilities in developing products with commercial understanding of what will be profitable to the business and the customer / end customer.


The MB operates within a manufacturing environment where continuous improvement and close contact with brands is essential to ensure successful growth and development in both sides.

The MB has the responsibility to:

  • Manage the development of products from idea generation to distribution in the market place;
  • Evaluate opportunities within the market and based on product portfolio to develop new concepts;
  • Oversee coordination of concept art and sample creation, securing approvals during the process and finalizing all products and packaging prior to launch.
  • Manage and maintain a range of documentation: products’ brief, costing, assembly manual, product specifications, etc.;
  • Communicate with brands the different stages of product development and length of the process;
  • To ensure the consistency in food quality meets or exceeds brand’s standards of excellence;
  • Manage multiple projects within established timelines.

Key Outputs

Brands and People Management & Development

  • Ensure communication between brand and Alshaya Food regarding new product development and consider and represent the best interest of both sides;
  • Ensure all duties are carried out in line with brand mission statements, company policies and procedures, contracts and market guidelines;
  • Ensure that Production Managers are informed on new brand’s standards, requirements, policies, and products characteristics;
  • Identify core training / competency requirements for production pre-launch;
  • Cascade trainings regarding necessary skills to perform at the highest possible standards;
  • Ensure trainings are executed and documented to guarantee a smooth product(s) launch.

Current Products Improvement

  • Assess performance of the different areas of the production floor and identify where new processes can be elaborated for product development;
  • Optimize production by analysing and identifying process conditions;
  • Search / evaluate new ingredients in order to improve the cost and / or quality of the products;
  • Have an awareness of daily service levels for all area and a plan to achieve required service levels within the agreed timeframe;
  • Ensure technical improvement when necessary;
  • Review menu production schedules with the brand considering seasonal options, promotional menus, and assure appropriate recipes, variety and quantity of food;
  • Drive costs savings through efficient use of resources at disposal and coordinate food procurement to gain economies of scale;
  • Understand the control of costs and overhead expenditure in line with budgetary targets.

New Products Development

  • Identify new opportunities, whilst applying market knowledge to evaluate the commercial viability of new products and ensuring it is of value for the business;
  • Actively participate in strategic product and process planning by continuously scanning the external environment for new product and process technologies;
  • Cultivate a strong relationship with retail customers to ensure company stays ahead of competitors;
  • Design, install and commission new production plant;
  • Provide solution for environmental and food safety considerations, especially in production line design;
  • Assess product feasibility at a manufacturing level;
  • Provide guidance in the delivery of any new project;
  • Write recipes and procedures for new products or reformulate current products;
  • Liaise with QA to ensure compliance with policies and safety procedures;
  • Ensure culinary execution is consistent with branding elements of each new product created;
  • Ensure successful product introduction and tastings: NPD team and brands to feedback and agree on actions to be taken to improve products and meet brand (market) needs;
  • Ensure site holds the necessary equipment and structure for the development and production of goods;
  • Ensure the required approvals and documentation are obtained;
  • Develop and standardize operating procedures for kitchen operations across all brands;
  • Ensure project is feasible and meets the deadlines;
  • Oversee the launch of new products;
  • Assist in the post-launch analysis phase.

Continuous Improvement

  • Track effects of improvement projects and report on progress;
  • Carry out equipment and material trials and ensure all settings and procedures are documented in accordance with site and brand procedures;
  • Maintain and improve current knowledge of any new industry, products, innovations, techniques and equipment development;
  • Ensure awareness of the competition;
  • Carry out ideation sessions to generate new concept products in line with brand.

Quality Management

  • Standardize and oversee the menu and recipe development in brands where there is no host brand mandate;
  • Monitor standards and specific brand requirement compliance;
  • Ensure all culinary standards in all sections comply with company policies and procedures and are stated in the department work instructions.
  • Evaluate across both sites any adjustments to be done in terms of ingredients and production processes to ensure consistent quality of products.

Health & Safety

  • Ensures all hazards have been assessed with completion of risk assessments;
  • Establish food processes for teams that are safe and that do not jeopardize quality of products;
  • Ensure all Health and Safety / Food Hygiene guidelines are adhered to.


  • Work Closely with the SBX Food team in taking briefs to launch.
  • Attend weekly NPD meeting and contribute with any adjustments or additional information needed
  • Review improvement project process weekly;
  • Liaise daily/hourly with colleagues within and across function regarding planning/production matters;
  • Work closely with support functions (QA, QC, Marketing, Logistics, Maintenance) so as to identify resources and support required in launching new products;
  • Effect a detailed shift handover with designated deputy in the case of absence.


  • Maintain clear records of each brands know-how by establishing the particular food offer and the best practice;
  • Assisting in the budget setting, including food cost, kitchen manning and kitchen investment for each site.

Key Relationships

Reporting to Senior Food Development Manager.


Communicate effectively and confidently with:

  • Good In / Dispatch Team
  • Maintenance Team
  • Hygiene Team
  • QC Team
  • Site Management Team
  • Brand Ambassadors in Head Office


Maintain effective professional communication with:

  • Alshaya Brands
  • Suppliers and third party manufacturers
  • Agencies
  • Service providers and equipment contractors

Decision-making Authority

Responsible for functional budget, including :

  • Equipment
  • Any other budgeted figures to agreed amount
  • Can stop/change work activities which constitute a significant risk to safety of the person, environment, plant or product safety/quality, or if not complying with brand standards;
  • Responsible at all times for ensuring optimum customer service in terms of quality, quantity and punctuality;
  • Responsible to ensure a attainable new production development and launch, in terms of labour, time frame and budget.

Decisions referred

  • Issues that would alter company practices or policies
  • Expenditure above agreed budget




Other Qualifications / Experience

Skills and Knowledge

Behaviour/ Competencies

To Apply

Interested applicants should send their notification of interest and CV to [email protected].

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